Rain Water Tanks

The average home can capture an average of 200,000 litres of rainwater per year, which is more than enough to supply the average home usage. Capturing rainwater is extremely important during El Nino weather periods, when Australia suffers drought conditions and water becomes a very valuable resource.

imagesCommercial RainWater Tanks

GreenPower use a wide variety of Australian made rainwater tanks, coming in both food grade poly tanks, zincalum and bluescope steel. Our supplied and installed tanks range in size and shape from slimline  tanks which hold under 3000L to large round zincalum tanks which can hold 260,000L.

We install rain harvesting systems for both commercial and residential purposes, supplying quality tanks and pumping systems which are  installed by our full-time plumbers, ensuring quality design and installation, with compliance certificates.

Rainwater Tanks can be used to supply water to toilets, irrigation, car washing or even via a water purification system for drinking and showers. Installing a rainwater tank is an inexpensive way to protect yourself from droughts, enabling you to water your garden when water restrictions are imposed.

fdasfRainwater Tanks

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