Hydronic Heating

How does hydronic heating work?

A  hydronic heating system works by circulating water through underfloor, in slab or in screed pipes, radiators or fan coils, distributing heat around the room. The water in the pipes is connected to a central manifold and the hot water can be maintained by solar heat, heat pump, fuel boiler and/or wetback system.

Our company specializes in energy efficient heating solutions, using some of the following design methods:

  • Solar Photovoltaics to generate power for heat pump
  • Solar Evacuated tubes to pre-heat water
  • Heat Pump Technology
  • Controlled zoning
  • Underfloor and in screed radiant heat dispersion
  • Possible wetback and fuel boiler integration
  • Hot water integration
Durotherm Underfloor Hydronic Heating

Underfloor Hydronic Heating

Underfloor Hydronic Heating has several advantages over wall radiators, as the required water temperature can remain between 25C and 35C, opposed to wall radiators at 55C+. The difference in water temperate makes a significant difference in energy usage.

Our underfloor hydronic heating solutions do not require gas/fuel boilers and dramatically reduces running costs.




Using the suns energy to generate electricity and hot water, to be stored in thermally insulated hot water tanks and piped via a heat exchange mechanism to underfloor heating and radiators, is a sustainable and pleasant way to heat your home.