Off Grid Solar Power Water Pumping Applications

The Green Power Company design off-grid water pumping systems to suit your requirements, and can be integrated with our plumbing division for a total water pumping solution.

Off grid water pumping systems are generally required when it is too difficult or costly to trench cable to the required location. Solar pumping applications can consist of a small ground mounted array or solar tracker suitably designed to generate enough power to activate the water pump, and is usually coupled with a suitably sized battery bank and enclosure.

The most common solar water pumps installed by GreenPower consist of Solar PV panels mounted to single axis solar tracker, which create a greater window of power generation, thereby reducing the size (or need) for battery storage, allowing greater periods of UPS water pumping.


UPS Basement Water Pumping Applications

Stand alone water pumping applications are also common in basements that require water to be displaced in flooding situations, that can often coincide with blackouts associated with adverse weather conditions.

We are able to couple highly efficient, high volume water pumps with a UPS battery storage system that will displace flood water for selected periods of autonomy. These systems can also be integrated with renewable energy systems and fuel generators to provide on-going pumping capabilities.

GreenPower installed a solar water pump on flemings Nursery’s winning entry for 2013 The Chelsea Flower Show in England. The award was presented by the Queen.

Benefits of Solar Pumps

Considering that most water pumping applications are used during summer periods and located in isolated positions away from mains connection, using solar energy to generate the power required to operate the water pump makes complete sense.

  • Pre Engineered and ready to install
  • Range of applications from emergency basement flooding to garden irrigation and rural applications
  • No mains supply required
  • No electricity or fuel bills
  • Panels can be installed on solar trackers to maximise pumping time
  • Battery banks can provide UPS pumping, 24 hrs/day
  • 25 year panel efficiency warranty
  • 2 year pump and controller manufacture warranty
  • Heads from 0-80m
  • Flow reaches from 2000L to 40,000L a day
  • Low maintenance and reliable
  • Replaces windmills, petrol and mains powered pumps
  • Permanent magnet brushless motors
  • Double encapsulated stator and rotor
  • Spare parts easily available

High Efficiency Water Pumps

GreenPower solar water pumping applications are more reliable and more cost effective than either windmills or diesel motors, and are designed for either daytime or 24 hour UPS applications. Water Pumping Solar Technology is simple, reliable and requires almost no maintenance. Our highly efficient water pumps are able to lift water to great heights or high volume at low heads, and are also suitable for water transfer applications such as dam to storage tank, storage tank to header tank, stock watering and many other types of irrigation applications.