GreenPower Solar Maintenance Services

Our service and maintenance division are equipped to offer ongoing customer support, to ensure your system  is functioning at its peak capacity. Our technicians can inspect your installed system and generate an analysis report which can help you monitor and track the performance of your system. We are also able to field questions about your installed equipment, to help you monitor the performance of your system.

Even if you purchased your solar power system from another company, we pride ourselves on fast turnaround and quality solar power system repairs, so that you can continue to enjoy the full potential of solar energy.

Solar Maintenance

GreenPower recommend that all solar power systems are serviced by trained professionals to ensure safety, performance, warranty validation and compliance with government legislation.

Solar Service Procedure

A Solar maintenance routine for your solar power system is a legislative requirement that ensures system safety thru compliance with Energy Safe Victoria Standards and also enables your system is to perform as efficiently as possible, and ensure warranty validation.

What is involved in a GreenPower Solar Service

  • A comprehensive clean of your panels; removing dust, grit, bird droppings, residue, moss and any other debris that could be affecting efficiency
  • Visual inspection of solar panels for cracks and other defects
  • Ensure mounting frame and solar modules are secured firmly and mounting bolts feet and earthing are secured and rust free
  • A detailed clean of your inverter, in order to minimise dust and other matter affecting the electrical components
  • Check yearly output & compare against data of design summary
  • Ensure electrical characteristics are consistent with specifications.
  • Shade impact monitoring and advice where necessary
  • Inspection of the wiring integrity and wiring enclosures, ensuring that no damage has been caused by UV rays, heat, vermin or other forces
  • Junction box checks – ensuring they remain water-tight and free from moisture ingress
  • Inspection of isolators for signs of corrosion/burning/water/loose- drainage hole
  • Inspection and maintenance of all safety warning labels
  • Anti-islanding test – Clause 7.3 of the Victorian Embedded Generator Distributor Code
  • Issue of Compliance and performance report

Solar Maintenance & Service Costs

solar-maintenance-serviceCosts associated with a solar maintenance are outlined below;

Minimum fee of $165 applies

Travel fees apply for outside metro areas : $1.0 per km