The Green Power Company is an experienced contractor is large scale commercial projects up to 10MW. We have a demonstrated history of installing MW projects in remote areas, and are able to arrange collaborations with our manufacturing and installation partners.

GreenPowerCo Solar FarmSOLAR FARMS

The large scale commercialization of solar technologies and reduced manufacturing costs has enabled solar technology to be used as a cost effective way of generating clean and reliable electricity. Australia has the advantage of having the highest average solar radiation of any continent and solar power has established itself as the fastest growing power generation technology in world. Coupled with new innovations in energy storage, smarter power usage systems and the incredible advancement of electric vehicles, the world is ready to progressively decommissioning our fossil fuel powered generators and move toward a localized and mobile energy generation and storage model.

GreenPowerCo Solar FarmWith Large Scale Solar Farms in excess of 200MW now being deployed in Australia, GreenPowerCo can offer contracting services for 10MW sections of the project. If the solar generation plant is under 10MW, we can offer engineering and energy auditing services, along with complete installation, connection, monitoring and maintenance services. We are experienced in dealing with Newtork Providers and can process LGC Rebate claims on behalf of the customer.

Some of our services include:

  • Feasibility, Financial Modelling and Design
  • Engineering
  • Energy Audit Services
  • Network approval and connection applications
  • Complete Installations & Commissioning
  • Maintenance, monitoring & technical support
  • LGC Rebate Processing
GreenPowerCo Solar Farm

400kWp Solar Project in Hilston NSW