Victorian Solar Homes Program Solar Power Funding

Solar PV rebates are closed and will re-open on 1 July 2019

After this time, you must have received eligibility confirmation before installing your system to be eligible to receive a rebate.

For general enquiries relating to solar PV applications, read the Solar PV system FAQ. All solar PV eligibility and rebate applications lodged before applications closed will continue to be processed by Solar Victoria, in line with current requirements.

If you have submitted an eligibility application and you haven’t received an eligibility number, wait until you receive an email from us confirming your eligibility number before installation.

If you have already received an eligibility number from us and haven’t installed your system, you can continue to get a system installed and then apply for a rebate.

If you have submitted a rebate application, it will continue to be processed, in line with current requirements.

If you have not received an eligibility number before you have installed a solar PV system you cannot apply for a rebate, even after applications re-open on 1 July.

If you are considering installing solar PV with a rebate and have not yet applied to Solar Victoria, you will now need to wait until applications open again on 1 July 2019.

For general enquiries about how the solar PV application affects you, read the Solar PV applications cap FAQ or contact us.

5.6kWp Solar Installation in Melton, Victoria

Solar Hot Water Funding

In addition to the federal hot water rebate of around $1000, the Victorian Government will be offering an additional $1000 for solar hot water installation for eligible households.

The solar hot water rebate applies to installations that replace an existing hot water system that was at least three years old (from the date of purchase) and it’s not available to new build homes (new Class 1 buildings).

Households can only access one rebate type under the solar homes package (i.e. a household that accesses a Solar PV rebate cannot claim a solar hot water rebate and vice versa).

Important note:

*The timings below are indicative only and based on all the correct paperwork being included at the time the application was submitted. Missing documents and incomplete information will result in processing times taking longer than usual.

How to apply

You can apply for a solar hot water rebate in 3 easy steps:

Hot water apply step 1

Check you can meet the eligibility criteria & apply for an eligibility number.

Timing: Please allow 2–3 weeks*

Hot water apply step 2

Install your solar hot water system

Your system and installation needs to be compliant to receive a rebate.

Timing: Generally, 2-3 months for your system to be installed.

Hot water apply step 3

Apply for a solar hot water rebate

You will need your eligibility number and supporting documentation.

Timing: please allow 2–3 weeks for processing of a compliant application*

Please complete the Victorian Government Solar Provider Statement and return back to

If you have any questions please contact our office for further details.

Eligibility for Victorian Solar Rebates

The eligibility of households to receive the rebate is determined by the Victorian Government, and is based on a maximum house valuation of $3 million and a combined household income of under $180,000 per annum before tax.

Solar Hybrid System in Yarra Junction, Victoria

How do you receive the rebate?

Households will receive rebates directly from Solar Victoria once eligibility has been approved.

Applications can be filled out at