Energy Audits, Management Services and Monitoring Solutions

The Green Power Company operate an energy audit service for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Energy audits identify energy demand and patterns which are essential prior to the design of complex energy systems and most energy projects. Energy audits can uncover sources of electrical energy waste by profiling energy usage across your facility, identifying areas of possible energy savings.

green power coBy use of the specifically designed Fluke 1730 three-phase electrical energy logger, we can perform the following analysis;

  • Discover when and where energy is being consumed, overall and via the individual circuit
  • Compare multiple data points over time and build a complete picture of energy usage, via the energy analysis software
  • Identify specific points of energy loss
  • Provide complete time of use data to generate a report  facility energy usage totals and patterns

In addition to energy audits, we are capable of performing the following energy management services;

  • Power analysis and data logging
  • Power quality analysis
  • Electricity tariff selection
  • Energy monitoring solutions
  • Systems monitoring and energy alarms
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Line Carriers
  • Motion detection sensors
  • Discriminating & grading analysis of protection services
  • Primary & secondary injection testing of protection devices
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
  • Earthing systems maintenance & testing
  • Load balancing
  • Load shifting and timer devices
  • Programmable Logic Control
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Thermo graphic scanning
  • Surge protection
  • Harmonic filtering
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Standby generators
  • Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS)
  • Energy storage systems
  • Preventative maintenance  services
  • Battery system maintenance & testing
green power co
green power co

The Green Power Company not only  design and install projects, but have the technical expertise to ensure your system is operating at its peak performance  and offer ongoing support to give the end user the confidence that their installed system will continue to operate, as designed, for the engineered life of the system.