Regulatory Requirements for Installing a Solar Power System

The Green Power Company undertakes the required engineering and lodge network approvals on behalf of the customer. The approval process includes the following services:

Assessment – Network Planning

Review of data provided, review of the connection arrangement, meetings, assessment of fault contributions, performance of load flow and voltage studies, assessment of primary plant and generator performance standards.

Assessment – Protection

Review of data provided, assessment of protection, control, monitoring and communication requirements, performance of a protection review, meetings, site visits as required.

Preparation of an assessment report

Preparation of an overview report summarising the connection arrangement, system study results, protection review results and compliance assessment.

Contract preparation and execution

Updating the Connection Agreement, preparation of technical schedules.

Sanction to Connect Review

Review of the Connection Applicant’s commissioning results and associated documentation, preparation of Sanction to Connect.

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SMA inverters

Network Augmentation may be required to accommodate the solar generator, which includes installing a data logger, analysis of the voltage measurements and performing a transformer tap change.

Once the project is complete, further connection applications are lodged to network utilities, pending an approved Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES), issued by an electrical inspector.

Network connection will be enacted approximately 40 days from CES lodgement.

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