Solar Power Systems

Installing a solar power system is an efficient and cost effective way of generating clean, renewable electricity from the sun. A solar power system is a strong financial investment which increases the value of your property and business while decreasing energy costs and when coupled with battery storage, can provide complete power independence.

 The Sun is our most valuable energy resource.

  • Protection against rising electricity costs and instant electricity savings
  • Sunlight is free and always will be!
  • Clean, Silent & Renewable Power
  • Helping the environment
  • Solar Power is inexpensive
  • A strong investment
  • Increases property value
  • Power your electric vehicle
  • Quality systems last 40+ years
  • Energy independence and security, especially with batteries
  • Tax benefits for business
  • Government rebates and feed-in-tariffs still available
  • Localized power generation – reducing reliance on electricity distributors
  • Reduce internal building temperatures

How can Green Power help?

With an experienced and skilled employee base, and the best range of solar equipment in the market, we are well equipped to deliver a wide range of high quality solutions for solar and energy management systems. We have successfully completed a range of diverse solar power projects ranging from standard grid connect solar power systems for homes, to complex off grid hybrid solar power systems incorporating wind power and PowerBlock storage systems.

Types of Solar Pv Systems

Residential Solar

The Green Power Company have designed, supplied and installed over 3000 residential solar power systems in Melbourne and Victoria. We are a quality trades based solar power company and only use full-time employees of GreenPowerCo to undertake our solar installations. Our emphasis on quality extends beyond obvious solar components like panels and inverters, to include guaranteed workmanship and electrical components like die-cast alloy enclosures and high-grade circuit breakers. We install solar power systems to last the distance, knowing that a system can be exposed to the elements for 30+ years. Learn More


Commercial Solar

A commercial solar power systems reduces energy running cost, creating greater efficiency, especially for businesses that operate during daytime hours. Commercial solar systems can be bought outright, leased or installed via an energy management contract and can be claimed as a tax benefit. Commercial Solar Power Systems are popular with business owners that understand the financial benefits of a solar power system, generating returns in some cases of over 30% pa. Learn More

Solar Off-Grid

The Green Power Company are experts in the design, installation and commissioning of stand alone systems for commercial, government and industrial applications. Expert engineering and in-depth product knowledge ensures the off grid system are designed and installed to meet the long-term energy requirements of the application. Learn More

Do you have a project in mind?

Our technical expertise and focus on quality components, ensures the high performance and longevity of your solar power system. Contact us today for a free consultation and assessment of your property and how we can engineer a solar system that meets your needs.