Is your installation working at its best capacity? At The Green Power Company, we have the Solar Service specialists to test the performance of your investment, so you may reap all the possible energy you’ll need to save on electricity bills.

Solar Hybrid System in Yarra Junction, VictoriaWith over 15 years of experience and having served over 3,000 clients, we have inspected and improved various types of systems for the needs of our valued customers in Melbourne. We can be your partner towards ensuring the optimal performance of your solar panels.

Why Test Your Solar Installation?

Solar InstallationWhile electricity prices can be expensive, your solar panels can help you offset as much as $850 per year. By testing the output of your investment, you can also allocate the amount of energy you’ll be using throughout the day so you may eventually save on your monthly electric bills.

Upon having your solar panels tested, you will also know whether some parts may be hindering you from reaping your expected output. For instance wires may sag or wear due to the heat and winds, and these may lead to shorts or even system failures. These may then be replaced or adjusted so energy will seamlessly get converted and stored for your use.

Let The GreenPower Company Test Your Solar Installation

Solar InstallationWe continuously aim to provide energy efficiency for Melbournian homes after having handled thousands of solar investments throughout Australia. We have a Melbourne based Solar Service specialist to test the following components of your set up:

    • Energy Storage System
    • Metre and Fuse Box
    • Battery Storages

If you would like to know more about how we can test you current solar installation, feel free to call our specialists at (03) 9544 9880 or fill out our Contact Form. Know whether you’re reaping the most energy with the best capacity of your solar panels. Get in touch with us today.