solar fixing services

Worried about some glitches or power production output? The GreenPower Company is here to help. With our team of dedicated solar service technicians in Melbourne, your installation will be up and running in the fastest time possible.

Why Choose Us?

With over 15 years of experience and having served over 3,000 clients, our technicians have the thorough exposure when it comes to inspecting and troubleshooting every possible glitch of an installation. We have the expertise and complete solutions to address your repair needs.

Our solar fixing services can ensure your installation will function in its best feasible capacity.

Prior to the repair process and upon listening to your repair concerns, we may need to do a complete inspection on the main parts of your panel and inverter system. Our additional analyses may range from looking into the ductwork, piping, status of antifreeze fluids and the overall condition of your roofs.

solar fixing servicesAs we fully inspect every component of your panels and inverter, we can render the following repairs depending on what is needed:

    • Panel cleaning or replacement
    • Mounting and frame correction
    • Circuit breaker and switch realignment
    • Troubleshooting of inverter and capacitor
    • Inverter’s wiring and module adjustments

We can thoroughly diagnose and rectify the factors which may affect the performance of your installation’s complex and underlying systems. Should you want our specialists to have a look at the health of your investment, feel free to call us at (03) 9544 9880.

solar fixing services