Removal and RelocationYou may have observed trees are getting in the way of your panels’ energy absorption. Or perhaps you are planning to have a major home renovation. In any situation, GreenPower has a team of electrically adept technicians who can handle various types of relocation for your solar panels.

The GreenPower Company has 15 years of experience, with over 3,000 clients served in Melbourne. Our technicians have the thorough skills to cater for your property’s specifications. We also have the complete solutions should there be a need to repair or replace some parts in the middle of a panel removal and relocation.

The safe and efficient option to move solar panels

Upon confirming the maintenance of your relocation’s eligibility for Feed-in-Tariffs, it is safest and mostly advisable for our technicians to disconnect and reinstall your mechanism’s wiring’s. This also includes removing and readjusting the Direct Converter voltage of your inverters and panels.

As a Registered Electrical Contractor, GreenPower also understands the regulations involved in re-installing and following through the required systems set up of solar panels. Hence, we will make sure your investment would be at par with the feasible connection requirements in reference to Victoria’s State Government policies.

Removal and Relocation

What happens during the relocation and re-installation?

You will be rest assured in having experts to oversee your relocation project, as they can professionally handle the complexities of your energy investment. The main phases of panel relocation include:

  • Electrical disconnection of panels and inverters
  • Panels and other physical parts will be dismantled
  • Inspection of components to re-install (repair may be advised)
  • Tilting and placement of panels to re-install will be estimated
  • Inverters’ modules and wiring will be mounted and re-connected

We have the complete solutions to make sure your relocation will be a success. If you would like to know more about how investment can be best handled and re-installed, feel free to call our specialists at (03) 9544 9880.

Removal and Relocation