As the quality of solar panels improve over the years, property owners can rest assured of having the best possible equipment on their roofs. Panels roughly have 20 years’ worth of 80% to 90% in performance warranty. Plus, selected manufacturers also provide an additional 5 to 10 years’ worth of workmanship warranty to further maintain their owners’ investments.

Solar Panel WarrantyBy fully maximising your solar panel warranty, you can even save up to $300 from having to purchase new units for your current installation. You need to know more about how your panels are going, so you may be better informed before filling up your manufacturer’s Claim Form. With The GreenPower Company’s over 15 years of experience, our panel specialists will be on call should you need a thorough inspection for your panels today.

What does a solar panel warranty cover?

To check on the condition of your investment, technicians would usually go through these essential parts of your panels:

    • Silicon cells
    • Glass
    • Backing
    • Laminate

Should your circumstances meet your manufacturer’s repairing and replacement conditions, you will then need to check on the coverage of your set up. There are manufacturers which will have warranty services, specific to production defects along with wear and tear. Some would not be amenable to repairing or replacing damaged parts which were resulted by force majeure.

Solar Panel WarrantyLastly, you may also consider whether specific parts will need to get shipped or purchased. You must completely read through your warranty clauses and compare your notes with an expert panel installer. This way you would be more informed about which claims you must push for as you fill out your manufacturer’s Warranty Forms.

While going through your manufacturer’s warranty options, it is important to have an expert to inspect the quality of your panels and provide you with the lowdown of your investment’s condition. This is where The GreenPower Company can help you out. You may schedule for a consultation with one of our technicians at (03) 9544 9880. For further details, you can also fill out our Contact Form today.