Solar Panel Replacement LGHas your energy production significantly gone down? If so, the first thing you must check would be your solar panels. Should you notice any burnt and discoloured surfaces, shattered glass or fractures, it would be necessary to consult with a specialist and consider replacing your panels soon.

As a top solar service provider in Melbourne, the GreenPower Company can send out a technician to inspect the possible panel damages which may lead to the lowered output of your installation. With over 15 years of experience and having served over 3,000 clients, we continue to apply our expertise towards serving Melbournian properties and promoting the optimal performance of their solar installations.

Solar Panel Service for Parts Replacement

You’ll probably need to replace your panels upon noticing some of these instances:

Burnt or Discoloured Panels

Corroded panel laminates may result to unevenness in temperature distribution and eventually lead to decreased output in energy. These are usually characterized by yellow or dark brown discolouration, on the edge of some white, metal conductor strips.

Solar Panel Replacement

Shattered Glass with Microfractures

If you see cracks on some surfaces of your solar cells, this may be a sign of deterioration. The cracks may have been the result of harsh environmental conditions or previous mishandling. Without replacing the panels with a large number of fractures, your energy production may lessen by 2.5%.

Solar Panel Replacement

Subpar or Non-Genuine Panels

Unfortunately there are installers which were misled by some manufacturers, where their sourced out panels have a combination of real and counterfeit cell conductors. These result to less solar absorption and energy conversion. Should this be the situation, you must contact your provider to replace your existing panels and we can provide the thorough installation service for your new equipment.

If you also need to replace your solar panels to upgrade your conversion capacity, you’ll need to ensure your continuous eligibility for Feed in Tariffs. If you’d like to know more about Solar Panel Replacements, our specialists would be glad to be of help. Call us at (03) 9544 9880 or fill out our Contact Form today.

Solar Panel Replacement