Solar Insurance ClaimsIn having your very own solar panels installed, you’ll also need to ensure they’re covered from possible damages such as fires, storms and other natural disasters. This is where your adjusted property insurance policies will be helpful, aside from your existing solar panel warranty coverage. If you also need information on how your panel adjustments may affect your current insurance coverage, our specialists at The GreenPower Company would be glad to assist you.

Amendments on Coverage Policies

You can fortunately save on some of your repair and replacement expenses, if your insurance provider automatically considers solar panels as part of your property. Some coverage policies even allow up to $12,000 worth of replacement costs, with an amended monthly fee of $18 to $20 per month. This would depend on your insurer’s current packages.

Considering you have full ownership of the installation, you must contact your insurance company to talk about the details of your plan’s adjustments. They may then revaluate your investment and check on some changes you’ve made in your space.

Some of the components they’ll consider would be whether the solar panels are attached to your property, or if they’re free standing. This way, they can estimate the possible damages which they would cover should any storm or heavy rains take place in your area. It is important to read your updated policies, so you’ll know the extent by which you can get protected by your insurer.

Solar Insurance Claims

The GreenPower Company’s Safety Insurance for Technicians

If you’ll also need to get your installation tested or repaired, you’ll be assured GreenPower’s technicians are insured and protected from possible risks while on the job. As a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC), we hold a Civil Liability Insurance against personal injury and/or property damages during the course of a solar project.

Do you need further information on how your solar replacements or adjustments may affect the coverage of your insurance provider? Then you may certainly call our specialists at (03) 9544 9880 or fill out our Contact Form today.

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