Need help in processing your solar installation warranties? By calling our specialists at The GreenPower Company, you can gain comprehensive assistance in going through the applicable clauses of your installer’s and manufacturer’s responsibilities.

Solar Installation WarrantyWith our knowledge of over 130 solar products, we understand how manufacturer warranties may have limitations on repairs and replacements. However you need not fret, as we can help you figure out the possible solutions to restore the optimal performance of your solar installation’s components. We are just a query away.

Types of Solar Warranty Provisions

Solar Installation WarrantyManufacturer and solar installation warranties are given in different types and duration. These range from solar panels, inverters up to batteries. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels usually maintain 20 to 25 years’ worth of warranty. Inverters and batteries each have warranties which roughly last from 5 to 10 years.

Unfortunately, a number of manufacturers and installers may no longer be around to directly hear out your product concerns. This is where we can walk you through the process of claiming for your solar installation warranties, in the most efficient way possible. Let us know the models of your components and we will state their manufacturers’ status, usual glitches and solutions to get your investment up and running.

Limitations of Guarantees

There are many factors which can lead to faulty inverters, panels or batteries. Not all types of their malfunctions can however be covered by warranties. Some of their exclusions would be force majeure (or damages caused by storms, theft and vandalism), negligence and failure of correctly installing the equipment among others. These limitations will depend on what your manufacturer specifically stated.

Solar Installation WarrantyBe sure to also have your warranty certificates, purchasing receipts and other related documents as references for your claims. To know more about how we can assist you with warranty claims, please call our specialists at (03) 9544 9880 or fill out our Contact Form today.