How’s Your Installation Working?

If you deem your investment may not be performing as it should, you’ll probably need to contact a Solar Fault Finding service in Melbourne. The GreenPower Company has a team of on call technicians who can check if your solar equipment is optimally working. Whether we installed your current system or you purchased the set-up from another provider, we can objectively inspect its components and make sure you’re reaping as much energy to save on your electricity bills.

Solar faults test

The Solar Fault Finding Process

There may be components which you will need to visually go over before calling a specialist. For your safety, do not touch any of your installation’s wiring’s. See whether some panels are broken or a huge mold build up has gotten in the way of sunlight absorption. If the panels are installed on your rooftop, do not attempt to climb on it as your safety should be prioritised. Here are some other components which you can also look through:

    • Disconnected or loose wires
    • Inverter misreads due to system failures
    • Misaligned panel tilting which result to shading obstructions

Solar faults testA lot of other factors may result to faulty functioning panels and as you contact GreenPower’s solar specialists, you may talk about some of the possible reasons of why your installation has not been working at its best capacity. As we look through your installation, these may probably be the causes of your faulty frames or system:

    • Ground faults (Highly hazardous; Professional handling is required)
    • A mismatch between photovoltaic (PV) panels and inverters
    • High voltage or over supply of incoming energy
    • Overheated inverter systems
    • Increased panel temperature

It is necessary for your panels to undergo scheduled tests to ensure their optimal efficiency. However should there be unexpected interruptions as they function, you must call a solar fault finding service to restore the capacity of your installation. For more information, you may speak with our specialists at (03) 9544 9880 or fill out our Contact Form today.

Solar faults test