Understanding Your Inverter Warranty

Upon the installation of your solar inverter, you’ll find your user manual has its standard inverter warranty clauses. Its coverage may range within 5 to 10 years’ worth of product manufacturing warranty. It may also reach up to another 5 years if you opted for the extended warranty feature of your manufacturer.

It’s additionally crucial for you to maintain your inverter, since it is the central operating unit of converting your absorbed solar energy to electricity. If you’d like to have a thorough understanding of your inverter warranty and have your installation’s performance checked, you may contact our panel specialists at The GreenPower Company.

Inverter WarrantyWith over 15 years of experience and having served over 3,000 clients, GreenPower has the expertise to inspect inverters and have homeowners understand more about their energy investments. We can also give you the advise you’ll need, as our Melbourne based technicians can handle over five dozen types and brands of inverters.

What must your inverter warranty package cover?

Typically, your inverter warranty would comprehensively include labour and replacement of parts. A 5-year certificate should cover all the components of your inverter. Full coverage should take absolute effect, unless your warranty package justifiably explains most parts can be replaced for free and other specific pieces will require new purchases on your end.

Inverter WarrantyBe sure to also prepare these documents before contacting your manufacturer:

    • Inverter’s original packaging
    • Sales and invoice receipts
    • Warranty certificate

Warranty clauses would also state a manufacturer’s service and parts replacement may not be applicable to some conditions. These can include force majeure (natural disasters or accidents), negligence, mishandling or lack of conducive facilities for the installation to function well.

Inverter WarrantyHave your manufacturer’s Contact Form if you deem some inverter parts will need to get inspected, repaired or replaced by your manufacturer. Should you need further expertise to look into your installation, call our specialists at (03) 9544 9880 or fill out our Enquiry Form today.