Your inverter may look like a minimal component of your entire installation but when it malfunctions, your entire solar energy production can come to a halt. If you’ve had your inverter installed for over a year now, it has probably gone through a number of stressors. It wouldn’t then be a surprise to find your unit’s fault light to be on, and this is why frequent checks need to be done to ensure it runs smoothly.

Inverter Replacement fronius

Should you deem this crucial part of your system needs to be replaced, we can help you out. The GreenPower Company’s line of power optimising inverters can bring back your system’s efficiency.

Inverter ReplacementThere are many factors which may lead to a faulty inverter. You’ll need to contact a solar panel specialist if you find any of these messages on your unit:

    • Failure in EEPROM
    • Fault in PV panel safety
    • Glitch in Direct Current (DC) Sensor
    • DC INJ High (DC Output is too high)
    • High or Low Induction of DC Capacitors

Replacing Your Faulty Inverter

Fixing up an inverter may simply take a read through your inverter’s manual or filling up a Repair Request from your warranty provider. However there may be instances where total replacements will need to be done.

Inverter ReplacementAn inverter replacement can be very much like shopping for a new unit, only your replacement needs to be synced with your panel’s existing installation. Here are some of the features you must look for when considering a new inverter:

    • Ideal power capacity (decide if you’d like to maintain or improve on your existing capacity)
    • Low electricity consumption from the grid
    • Efficiency of energy conversions
    • Internal protection system
    • Clean power emissions

Your chosen replacement must importantly reflect the actual rate of energy which you’ll be using for your property. If you would like to know more about inverter replacements, you may call our Melbourne based specialists at (03) 9544 9880 or fill out our Enquiry Form today.