Solar PanelsAs we provide you with the best possible quality of solar service in Melbourne, we also make sure our practices throughout consumers are aligned with the Clean Energy Council’s panel design and installation standards.

It would be inevitable for your system to undergo wears and tears within a few years after they get set up. Hence you’ll need to periodically check whether your investment is compliant within Australia’s legislative standards on energy usage and consumption.

The GreenPower Company has on call solar specialists to check your set up’s compliance with the local council’s installation standards. In return, you may continue to reap the incentives via Feed in Tariffs.

The Latest Standards on Maintaining Solar Panels

When we check through your current installation, our possible adjustment recommendations will be based on the updated AS/NZS 5033, AS 4777 and AS 4509 Compliance Standards.

AS/NZS 5033

Various components of your panels will need to be at par with the council’s latest definitions of an allowable installation from your circuit diagram, voltage drops, blocking diodes, modular inverters, PV Array DC Isolator, Current Protection and Switching and many more.

AS 4777

This states the required grid connection of energy systems as propelled by inverters. It mentions the latest installation requirements which may include multiple mode or micro inverters, permissible energy system capacities up to 100kVA and cable protection standards among others.

AS 4509

For stand-alone power systems, your property needs to comply with the council’s design criteria, prescribed system configuration, along with the protection, switching and isolation of your set up’s components.

Solar Panels

Keeping your installation compliant and up to date has its corresponding complexities, and our specialists can assist you throughout your whole adjustment process. If you would like to know more on how your system may continue to reap government incentives as it performs with its optimal capacity, fill out our Contact Form or call us now at (03) 9544 9880.