Solar Maintenance

Reap as much energy from the sun and save on your electricity bills!

With over 15 years of experience, GreenPower Company has the complete solar maintenance solutions in Melbourne. Having served over 3,000 clients and counting, our Engineers and Solar Panel Specialists can make sure of the highest service quality for residential, commercial or industrial properties.

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Solar Maintenance

Installing a sturdy set of solar panels lets you gain up to 75% of savings on water heating costs and enables you to lessen your electricity consumption.

To make sure your installation will be optimally up and running, it is important to schedule a periodic maintenance with a specialist.Solar Maintenance

The GreenPower Company has expert technicians who can thoroughly inspect the power production of your systems, and check whether they are generating their expected capacities. There are various factors which can get in the way of your photovoltaic cells’ optimal solar absorption. They can range from dusts, dirt, moulds, bird droppings and remnants of the winter freeze.

Why Choose The GreenPower Company?

Solar MaintenanceWe will strive to make sure your installations will stay as good as new. We also have affordable service packages to fit the types of installations in your home. These are just few of the following steps which will be carried out during the check up and maintenance schedule:

  1. Observations and inquiries about how the panels have been performing.
  2. You may be asked of whether specific glitches or concerns need to be addressed.
  3. An inspection and clean-up of your panels along with their corresponding inverters.
  4. Tests on energy routing and production (includes check up on wiring and enclosures).
  5. Inspection of each components’ functionality and whether damaged parts need replacement

Solar Panel Maintenance can be complex. As you make the constant effort to clean up any possible obstruction which may get in the way of each panel’s sunlight absorption, it is equally important to consult and seek the expert assistance of our technicians.

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