What is solar off grid?

The Green Power Company are experts in the design, installation and commissioning of stand alone systems for commercial, government and industrial applications. Expert engineering and in-depth product knowledge ensures the off grid system are designed and installed to meet the long-term energy requirements of the application.

Quality design, installation and product selection is of utmost importance with stand alone applications, and right-sizing and equipment compatibility are crucial for any customized off grid energy project.

Solar Off-Grid Components and Applications:

Hybrid Energy systems

Hybrid Energy systems combine multiple power sources such as solar, wind, mains power, fuel generator and can be coupled with a battery bank to provide an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for various applications. Our most popular hybrid system combines grid-connected solar power with a PowerBlock Energy Management System.

There are several type of ‘smart’ inverter controllers used to create solar hybrid systems, and none better than the Australian made Selectronic SP Pro. These inverter controllers can be programmed to control electrical circuits and are coupled with a battery bank to provide power for emergency situations or for incremental shortfalls or night-time use.

Alpha ESS

The Alpha ESS is the most advanced energy storage system in the market. Designed to be coupled with a solar power system, the Alpha ESS is fitted with Tier-1 Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries from Lishen, and a range of inverter controllers. Suited for off grid and hybrid applications, the Alpha ESS is a great way of storing excess solar generation for use at night or for incremental shortfalls.

The Alpha ESS cabinet holds the inverter controller and also stores the Lishen Lithium batteries. The battery capacity is upgrade able in unites of 2.5kWh, with an entire cabinet capable of storing 12.5kWh of energy. The compact unit is suitable for residential and commercial installations, and should be situated inside or in an undercover section.

Off Grid Solar Power Water Pumping Applications

The Green Power Company design off-grid water pumping systems to suit your requirements, and can be integrated with our plumbing division for a total water pumping solution.

Off grid water pumping systems are generally required when it is too difficult or costly to trench cable to the required location. Solar pumping applications can consist of a small ground mounted array or solar tracker suitably designed to generate enough power to activate the water pump, and is usually coupled with a suitably sized battery bank and enclosure.

The most common solar water pumps installed by GreenPower consist of Solar PV panels mounted to single axis solar tracker, which create a greater window of power generation, thereby reducing the size (or need) for battery storage, allowing greater periods of UPS water pumping.

Solar Caravan

The Green Power Company design and install power systems for mobile homes, caravans, recreation vehicles (RV’s), camper trailers, boats and even commercial mobile applications like trades off-grid situations, refrigerated vehicles and coffee and food vending units.

We use lightweight, quality and durable equipment that can withstand the vibrations and shocks associated with solar caravan travel.  Our range of solutions are customized to the specific application and can either be fixed to your RV or semi-detachable units. Our mobile energy generation and storage systems and will last the distance. We use flexible SunPower cells, Compact lithium-ion phosphate batteries  and Australian made inverter controller chargers.

Solar Batteries

Energy storage systems are playing a fundamental role in the evolution of renewable energy, by all excess power generated by solar PV panels to be used at night or for incremental shortfalls.

GreenPower supply a range of batteries with each particular battery having its own characteristics in regard to its performance, cycle life, electrical characteristics, storage size, deployment type and cost. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality batteries in the market, at relative cost, and undertake considerable research on the performance and longevity of battery cells before they are offered into the market.

Are you thinking to go off-grid?

The Green Power Company’s dedicated off grid department can customize each off grid / UPS system to your requirements and budget. We offer the highest quality and project specific components available, and supply ongoing technical support and maintenance services. If you are looking for an off grid system, look no further than GreenPower, we design and install stand alone systems that work!