Solar Hydronics, The Future of Sustainable Heating

We all want responsive, efficient and subtle heating systems, which delivers maximum thermal comfort and minimal running costs.

The Green Power Company have pioneered the concept of Solar Hydronic Heating, using the suns energy to provide a bulk share of the energy required to heat a home.

Heat Pump Hydronic Heating

GreenPowerCo Solar HydronicsSolar Hydronic Heating Combines a Range of Technologies for Maximum Efficiency

Solar Hydronic Heating incorporates the use of Solar PV Panels, Heat Pump Technology, Solar Evacuated Tubes, Thermal Storage Tanks and where applicable, a Wetback Booster, Boiler and Battery Storage System. It sounds expensive, but the upfront costs are soon paid down by the reduced energy costs to heat your home. Underfloor heating is the preferred delivery method of the radiant hydronic heat, which maximizes responsiveness, allows the system to be turned on or off daily, increases efficiency and provides the subtle sensual effect.

How Does Solar Hydronics Work?

The solar pv panels generate the power, which is used by the heat pump to create hot water. A quality heat pump will convert 1kW of power into 4kW’s of hot water, which is stored in a thermal tank, ready for circulation around the home. The water can be pre-heated with the use of solar evacuated tubes, and boosted by a wetback, boiler and even battery storage. The control system can zone preferred rooms and a timer can activate the system automatically when required. The use of underfloor hydronic panels, diffuse plates or in-screed pex pipe applications allows for a 30-50 minute response time, depending on the floor covering. The result is maximum comfort at minimum cost.

solar hydronicThe Financial Reasoning Behind Solar Hydronic Heating

A solar hydronic heating system is a positive investment, and when combined with solar thermal design principals, draft proofing, heavy insulation, double glazed windows and zoned heating spaces, will add significant capital value to your home. By “future proofing” your investment, you will position yourself for maximum return in any future resale.

It is estimated that most homes will generate the energy savings required to pay back the initial investment within 7 – 10 years of operation, compared with electric split system or gas fired heating methods.

The Green Power Company are continually undertaking research and development into our technology, to further refine our method and evaluate the energy savings generated.

Heat Pump Hydronic Heating