The Green Power Company, Leaders in Hydronic Heating Technology for Off Grid Homes

The Green Power Company are one of the pioneers of off grid solar hydronic heating in Australia. We call it Solar Hydronics, and we use the suns energy to provide a bulk of the energy required to power, heat and cool a home, including hot water services.

Solar Panels Cottage

Solar Hydronic Systems Technology

Solar Hydronic Systems Technology integrates solar power and energy storage technology with solar hot water, hydronic heating and wood fire booster systems. We are able to generate the energy required to run an efficient home, entirely off the grid, using the appropriate underfloor heating method.

We do recommend using fuel backup, however, we are able to power a home using clean renewable energy technologies only.


Underfloor Hydronic Heating

Using underfloor hydronic heating will reduce the energy required to heat your home, in comparison with wall mounted radiators or split system compressors, by a factor of 4. Therefore, the use of underfloor XPS panels, in-screed pex piping or aluminum diffuser plates, is essential to provide the heat required with minimal energy usage.

Solar Hydronic Heating Energy Requirements in the Depths of Winter

It is worth noting, that on the worst days, a solar power system will only generate about 20% of its daily average of power. In the case of an off grid home, we recommend a minimum solar power system of 10kWp to meet the energy requirements of a normal modern home, even in the depths of winter. A 10kWp solar power system can generate a peak supply of about 10kW per hour, under direct sunlight, even in winter. On the worst days, a 10kWp system may only generate about 360W per hour. This is not enough energy to power a hydronic heat pump, so the batteries or backup generator are used to supplement the load.

greenpowercoBoosting a Solar Hydronic Heating System

While the sun is shining, a solar hydronic system will operate without the need for back up power, even in winter. However, the sun does not always shine. To help provide the energy requirements for the worst days of the year, it is recommended to have a backup generator and/or fuel boiler/ wetback fire system.

It is always advised to install a fire place with integrated wetback booster or water sleeve, connected to the thermal storage tanks, for domestic hot water backup and hydronic heating boosting.

wood fire heaterClean Energy Smart Home Technology

Using fuel generators or boilers as a backup, is an affordable and reliable way of providing supplemental energy on overcast days. However, if you are willing to take up the challenge of running a home, purely on clean renewable technologies, we have the solutions for you which incorporate the following technologies:

  • Zoned underfloor hydronic heating system
  • Suitable thermostat and power control systems, integrating power generation and storage with heat pump controls and manifold zoning.
  • Suitably designed solar pv power system, battery bank and controls
  • Solar evacuated tube collectors and thermal storage tank/s
  • If trade winds or running water are present, a wind turbine or hydro kinetic generator.
  • Solar Thermal Architecture is an important component of designing an off the grid home.