Gas and Wood Fuel Boilers for Hydronic and Hot Water Boosting

Gas and wood fuel boilers offer a simple and durable option for your hot water and hydronic heating system. Boilers work by burning fuel such as gas or wood product to heat water. Boilers can work instantaneously or by pre-heating water to store in thermal holding tanks for circulation when required.

Bosch Gas boilerType of Boiler Systems

Boilers are generally fed by natural or LPG gas for instantaneous burning when required. Wood or pallet fuel boilers burn continuously and feed hot water in thermal storage tanks for circulation. Wood fire boilers require re-loading every few hours while pallet fed boilers can be automatically fed, with re-loading required on a daily basis.

wood boiler
wood boiler

Benefits of Using Fuel Boilers

The benefits of using fuel boilers is the relatively inexpensive supply and installation costs, the low maintenance and durability of the equipment. Boilers also quickly heat water to high temperatures, which is important if you are heating your home with wall mounted radiators, thermaskirt systems and/or fan coil heaters, that require water inflow temperatures of between 55 and 80 degrees Celcius.

Boilers can generate large amount of heat very quickly, enabling them to be a reliable and responsive heating source.

Wood fuel boilers are used widely in off grid homes, for domestic hot water and hydronic heating. Off the grid homes are generally located in remote areas, with plentiful amounts of accessible fire wood, which makes it an inexpensive and reliable option.

The negatives toward using boilers, include the ongoing running costs and polluting aspects, and in the case of wood fuel generators, the requirement for supplying the wood and refueling every few hours.