green power coThe large scale commercialization of solar technologies and reduced manufacturing costs has enabled solar technology to be used as a cost effective way of generating clean and reliable electricity. Australia has the advantage of having the highest average solar radiation of any continent and solar power has established itself as the fastest growing power generation technology in world. Coupled with new innovations in energy storage, smarter power usage systems and the incredible advancement of electric vehicles, the world is ready to progressively decommissioning our fossil fuel powered generators and move toward a localized and mobile energy generation and storage model.

With increasing electricity costs driven by the utility distribution network, reducing energy overheads and planning for energy independence is becoming increasing important for the financial viability of businesses and community organizations.

A quality solar power system will generate clean electricity for over 40+ years, therefore, the initial design and consultation in regard to the size, type and configuration of the system is of paramount importance. We customize each solar power system to the customers requirements, undertaking detailed energy analysis of the facilities requirements along with engineering assessments of the proposed projects and council and distributor approvals.

  • Feasibility and customer proposal
  • Accredited design & approval applications
  • Superior equipment performance & longevity
  • Installations & commissioning
  • Maintenance, monitoring & technical support

Our long-term approach to solar power projects starts at consultation, and extends to design, product selection, installation and on-going systems support, including upgrades to existing solar power systems which can compliment the performance of the initial installed system. We are official partners of leading global brands and our extensive range of energy products ensure we have the right fit for your particular project and budget.

green power co