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Residential Solar MelbourneThe Green Power Company have designed, supplied and installed over 3000 residential solar power systems in Melbourne and Victoria. We are a quality trades based solar power company and only use full-time employees of GreenPowerCo to undertake our solar installations. Our emphasis on quality extends beyond obvious solar components like panels and inverters, to include guaranteed workmanship and electrical components like die-cast alloy enclosures and high-grade circuit breakers. We install solar power systems to last the distance, knowing that a system can be exposed to the elements for 30+ years.

The decision to install a Home Solar System is one that makes complete sense.

  • Creating clean, renewable electricity.
  • Localizing electricity production, reducing reliance on the main grid and fossil fuel generators.
  • A reduction of air-born pollution and reduced carbon footprint.
  • Increased property value and business worth.
  • Protection from increasing electricity costs.
  • High yielding financial returns for 40+ years.
  • Tax deductions for commercial purposes.
  • Adding ‘Green Credentials’ to your organization and/or business.
  • A reduction of internal building temperatures by absorbing radiant sunlight.
  • Creating greater energy security and power independence.
  • Solar Power can be coupled with battery storage to create uninterrupted power supply (UPS) without the need for grid connection.

GreenPower, Quality Technicians you can Trust

With a dedicated workforce of qualified and experienced technicians, The Green Power Company is an energy company you can trust. With a long history of industry expertise, we are one of the few trades based solar providers that offer quality on-site consultation, design and installations services with a service and maintenance division. We are official partners of leading global solar panel manufacturers like SunPower, Kyocera, Q.Cells, PhonoSolar and CanadianSolar and inverter manufacturers like SolarMax, Nedap and Selectronic. Our focus on quality equipment ensures our product range is second to none, providing the right equipment for even the most complex residential project requirements.
GreenPower are Technicians, designing & Installing QUALITY solar systems that WORK!

Since 2002, we have installed over 3ooo solar power systems, grid-connect and off grid, dedicated to design, supply and install the highest quality systems in the country. We are determined to remain leaders in the renewable energy industry, providing systems and ongoing customer support that you can rely on.

Solar power can also be connected to a battery bank to create even greater power independence, 24 hrs a day.

Over 1 million Australian homes have installed a solar power system, and this is only the beginning.  The Electric Vehicle market is about to heat up and knowing that a quality solar power system will generate power for 40+ years, it makes sense to install your solar energy system now and start saving immediately.

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