GreenPower Solar Testing Facility and Product Performance Center

The Green Power Company have created a solar test facility and R&D center at our factory in Oakleigh, Victoria, where we research, test and develop our energy systems before we release it into the market.  We realize that equipment selection is one of the most important facets of an energy system, for this reason, we think it is essential that we understand the capabilities, performance and durability of supplied equipment.

rndThe Green Power Company have set up a 15kWp Solar Power Test Facility at our factory, not only to power our site, but to test the performance of a range of solar panels and inverters, along with inverter controllers and battery systems, to ensure that manufacturers claims on the performance are consistent with our own test results.

At this dedicated facility we are engineer new methods of energy generation and efficiency, our technicians are constantly are pushing the boundaries for product applications and integration into functional energy systems.

Do you have a need for special designed system?


Customers are welcome to visit our test facility to observe the difference in performance between different types of equipment and interact with solar equipment to develop a better understanding of the clean energy and storage process. Our live showroom also acts as our retail outlet, where we have our range of products on display and working in real time.