Shurflo Pressure Pump


Shurflo Pressure Pumps are a compact, rugged and reliable multi- fixture adjustable bypass fresh water pump, providing positive displacement for low volume and low pressure applications. Shurflo Pumps are available for 12VDC and 24 VDC System and offer a wide range of pumps and accessories.

Shurflo Pressure Pump 1

Shurflo 5000 Series Solar Pumps are Intermittent Duty that can operate frequently which will not cause the motor to reach its optimal thermal limits. When the Motor reaches its optimal thermal limits than the motor is allowed to return to its ambient temperature before operation. The Shurflo 5000 Series Pump is Self- Primed and should be mounted Vertical or Horizontal Prime depending on the viscosity of the fluid. The Pump should also be mounted in an Adequate Ventilated Area.

Shurflo 4 Chamber Diaphragm Pressure Pump has a unique co- moulded diaphragm that can run dry without damage and has a maximum pressure of 20 PSI with unique DC Permanent Magnet and Intermittent Duty Electrical Motor.