QCells Q.Power G5 High Performance Solar Modules

QCells Q. Power G5The QCells Q. Power G5 is the result of continuous evolution of the polycrystalline solar module. Q. Power G5 Polycrystalline solar panel has improved power yield, excellent reliability, high level operational safety and innovative all- weather technology with excellent low- light and temperature behaviour. The Q. Power G5 solar panel generates electricity at a low cost and is suitable for residential, commercial and solar power plants.


QCells German Engineered for Superior Performance

The Polycrystalline Q. Power G5 solar module has power classes of up to 280Wp and efficiency of a solar panel is 17.4%. Q. Power solar module offers superior yield that has high power output thanks to advanced four- busbar technology. Q. Power G5 has Anti LID Technology that eliminates light induced degradation (LID) which could reduce system performance.

Q.Power Polycrystalline 72 Cell Solar Panel with Anti LID Technology

QCells Q. Power G5The QCells Polycrystalline Q. Power G5 Solar Panel has higher yield per surface area and lower BOS cost. Q. Power solar module compose of 60 solar cell and high tech aluminium alloy frame that is certified to withstand high snow at 5400Pa and wind loads of up to 4000Pa. The Q. Power G5 Solar Panel has maximum system voltage of 1000V and maximum reverse current of 20A DC. Polycrystalline Q. Power Solar Panel has at least 97.5% nominal power during the first year and gradually degrades 0.7% every year. After 25 years the estimated nominal power of the Q. Power G5 Solar Panel is at least 82%. The Q. Power G5 permitted module temperature is at the range of -40℃ up to +85℃.

Q. Power G5 Solar Panel has been engineered in Germany with a product warranty of 25 years.

QCells Q. Power G5

QCells Q.Power G5 Data Sheet

QCells Q. Power G5
QCells Q. Power G5