Kyocera 12V KD Series

Kyocera 12V KD 36 Cell Solar Panels

Kyocera as a pioneer of solar technology, with four decades of experience in the development of high technology ceramic / silica materials. Kyocera produces a Japanese Solar Panel that offers reliable crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic (PV) power modules, which is maintenance free direct current (DC) power source. Kyocera with the highest Quality PV module has a range of sizes designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding energy users worldwide. The Kyocera solar panel is ideal for residential, commercial, grid- tie or off- grid applications.

Kyocera 12V Solar KD Series

Kyocera 12V Solar KD Series Solar Panel generates high efficiency power when exposed to sunlight. The Kyocera 12V Solar system has UV- stabilised anodised aluminium frame in black and supported by major mounting structure manufacturers. Kyocera Solar Panel could produce more energy when the PV module is tilted at an angle equal to the site’s latitude.  The Kyocera 12V Solar KD Series is easily accessible grounding points on all four corners for fast installation. 12V Kyocera Solar Panel with 36 Solar Cell has high efficiency Multicrystal Photovoltaic Module.

Kyocera Bypass Diodes

Kyocera 12V KD SeriesKyocera 12V 36 Cell Solar Panel has bypass diodes that provides a low- resistance current path around the shaded cells, thereby minimizing PV module heating and array current losses. The effects of partial shading of a solar panel could cause a reverse voltage across the shaded cells within the PV module. Current is being forced to the shaded area by the remaining illuminated cells and other PV modules in series, with the partially shaded module it causes additional module heating and severe power losses.

Kyocera High Performance Solar Modules

The Kyocera 12V Solar KD Series could be exposed to salt- laden and dry atmospheres. The 12V Kyocera Solar Panel is certified with UL1703, IEC 61215/61730 and UL Module Fire Performance. Maximum DC System Voltage for the 12V Kyocera KD Series Solar Panel is 600V with a Series Fuse Rating of 15A. The 12V Kyocera Solar Panel could withstand Hailstone impact. The operating temperature of the Kyocera 12V Solar Panel is -40℃ to +90℃ .

Kyocera 12V KD Series

Kyocera 12V Data Sheet

Kyocera 12V KD Series