Victron MultiPlus Inverter/ Charger 2KVA and 3KVA 120V

Victron MultiPlus Inverter/ Charger is a powerful battery charger and a true sine wave inverter with a main output that has no break functionality. The MultiPlus Inverter/ Charger is a single compact enclosure with a sophisticated battery charger featured with adaptive charge technology and a high- speed AC transfer. It has Lithium Ion Battery which has high energy density, tiny memory effect and low self- discharge.

The Victron MultiPlus Inverter/ Charger has two AC outputs. The first output takes over the supply load when the grid or generator have malfunction. This happens within milliseconds causing no disruption to live electronic appliances. The Victron Charger AC Input voltage range of 95- 140VAC and an Input frequency of 45-65 Hz with a Power factor of 1. The second output of the Victron MultiPlus is active only when AC is available on one of the inputs of the MultiPlus. The MultiPlus has unlimited power by having up to 6 MultiPlus operating in parallel, for instance provides 15KW/ 18KVA output power with 420 Amps charging capacity. The Victron Inverter Peak Power is within the range of 4000- 6000W while its Maximum efficiency is within the range of 92- 94%.

Victron MultiPlus has a three phase capability by having three units configured for three phase output and also three strings of six parallel units at 45KW/54KVA three phase inverter and 1260A charger could be built. With a Multi Control Panel that sets maximum current. Its Power Control feature allows MultiPlus to compensate for power from the battery when there is an insufficient generator power. When load reduces, the spare power is used to recharge the battery, this prevents the generator from overloading

The Victron Multiplus Inverter/ Charger has a four stage adaptive charger and dual bank battery charging. It provides the main output a powerful charge to the battery system by advanced software. The advanced software sets the three stage automatic process to be conditioned with the batteries while the fourth stage for long periods of float charging. Victron MultiPlus could be used in off grid as well as grid connected PV and other energy system.