Victron EasySolar 24V and 48V, 3000VA

Victron EasySolar 24V and 48VEasySolar 24V and 48V, 3000VA is an All-in-one solar power solution that combines two Victron Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller and an inverter/ charger in one enclosure. The Victron Solar Charge Controller has a maximum output current of 2x50A at 24V and 2x35A at 48V.

Victron MPPT 100/50 is a product that is easy to install, with a maximum efficiency of 98%. The Blue Solar MPPT 100/50 charge controller has up to six strings of PV panels that could be connected to six sets of MC4(PV-STO1) PV connectors. The Solar Charge Controller has a Self-Consumption of 10mA. Its charge algorithm is a multi-stage adaptive.

The Victron MultiPlus Inverter/ Charger shares DC battery connection with the MPPT charge controller. This batteries could be charged with Solar Power (2xBlueSolar MPPT) and with AC power (inverter/charger) from the utility grid. The Victron Inverter has a Peak Power of 6000W and a zero-load power of 15W-16W. Its maximum efficiency of 94-95%. The Victron Inverter output voltage is 230VAC and an output frequency of 50Hz.The Victron Inverter also acts as a PowerAssist technology that protects the generator supply from overloading.

EasySolar Charge Controller has a Victron Charger that input a voltage range of 187-265V AC. It has an input frequency of 45-65HZ and a Power Factor of 1. Victron Charger enabled with Battery temperature sensor and a programmable relay.

Victron EasySolar 24V and 48V
Victron EasySolar 24V and 48V