GoodWe ES Series Hybrid Single Phase Inverter and Battery Charger

GoodWe ES SeriesGoodWe ES Series Bi- directional energy- storage inverter is compatible with both Off Grid and On Grid PV systems. Ordinary PV stations can be upgraded with the addition of an ES energy storage unit. The GoodWe ES series hybrid inverter intelligently controls the flow of energy from your loads, the solar PV system, the main grid and the battery, making it a sophisticated and durable solution.

GoodWe ES Series Energy Storage Inverter Feature

The GoodWe ES Series Bi- directional Energy Storage Inverter has a wide range of features which has IP65 dust- proof and water proof technology with future conception of solar. The Quality GoodWe ES bi- directional Series energy storage inverter has an intelligent battery management function that is capable of being grid interactive or grid independent. GoodWe ES Series on Grid Energy Storage Inverter has charge controller and inverter integrated, 45℃ full- load output, secure and reliable.

GoodWe ES SeriesGoodWe ES Series Energy Storage Inverter System Technical Parameter

GoodWe ES Series

The GoodWe ES Series on grid or off grid Bi- Directional Energy Storage System is a single phase inverter with maximum allowable PV power range of 4.6- 6KW and MPPT voltage range of 125- 550V. The battery type of the GoodWe ES series energy storage system is composed of Lead- acid or Li- ion battery with its nominal voltage of 48V. The Maximum battery charge efficiency of the GoodWe ES Series bi- directional energy storage system is 97.6% and MPPT adaptation efficiency of 99.9%. GoodWe ES Series Energy storage system with integrated protection on its residual current monitoring unit, DC switch, insulation, anti- islanding protection and AC over current protection. The Ambient temperature range of the GoodWe ES series energy storage inverter is within -25 to 60℃ and relative humidity within 0- 95%.

GoodWe ES Bi- Directional Series Energy Storage System offers a product warranty of 5 years.

GoodWe ES Series Energy Storage System Data Sheet

GoodWe ES Series
GoodWe ES Series