Tivok Solar Evacuated Tube Thermal Collectors

Tivok Solar CollectorTivok Solar CollectorTivok Solar Thermal Collectors uses sun heat energy to provide a wide range of innovative water heating as well as hydronic heating and cooling solutions. Tivok Solar Collector is 30% more efficient than flat plate collectors and last longer and more efficient than evacuated heat pipe collector.

The parallel evacuated U- tube of the Tivok Solar Thermal Collector is designed to allow maximum heat absorption under various weather condition. Water passes through the Tivok Collector manifold and moves through each U- tube in parallel, absorbing solar heat and exist at a temperature range within 55℃- 90℃. Tivok Solar Thermal Collectors design allows uniform, high efficiency heat gain in each collector.

Tivok Solar Thermal Collector Design

Tivok Solar CollectorTivok Solar Thermal U- Tube design Collector ensures long operational lifetime, with no loss in efficiency over time. Tivok Solar Collector has Anodised Aluminium frame that ensures protection for the glass tubes and allows structural rigidity.

Tivok Solar Thermal Collector has a product warranty of 10 years.

Tivok Solar Collector

Tivok Solar Collector Data Sheet

Tivok Solar Collector