Tivok Hot Water Energy Storage Tanks

Tivok Hot Water TanksTivok’s Hot Water Storage Tanks has been engineered in Australia to operate as a safe, non- pressurised, highly insulated Energy Storage Bank. The Tivok storage tank gets the most out of a thermal system through the combination of vented and heat exchange technology. The High efficient Tivok Energy Bank is connected to the Tivok Heat Pump for portable water heating. The Tivok Heat Pump utilises the heat energy in the air to heat water, it is energy efficiency greater than that of conventional electric or gas heaters.

The advanced design concept of the Tivok Heat Pump is based on the laws of thermal dynamics and physical change of state, the quality Tivok heat pump extracts heat from outdoor ambient air temperature within the range of -10℃ to 43℃ and uses it to heat water at a temperature range from 20℃ to 60℃.

Features of the Tivok Hot Water Tanks

Tivok Hot Water TanksThe Tivok Hot Water Energy Storage Tank has a large number of ports that ensures versatility for use for multiple applications including hydronic heating and hot water heating. The Tivok Energy Bank is a storage tank with an automatic refill float valve.

When installed indoor with the Tivok Heat Pump, it needs a drip tray to capture any potential water leaks. The drip tray under the Tivok Energy Bank and Tivok Heat Pump should always be kept dry to avoid galvanic corrosion and contaminant evaporation into heat pump air intake that would cause heat pump failure.

Tivok Stainless Steel Australian Engineered Hot Water Tanks

Tivok Hot Water Energy Storage Tanks are stainless steel with polyurethane insulation and its outer tank material composed of Aluminium plastic composite.

Tivok Energy Bank is a Hot Water Storage Tank with 10 years warranty.

Tivok Hot Water Tanks
Tivok Hot Water Tanks

Tivok Hot Water Tank Data Sheet

Tivok Hot Water Tanks