Gain comfort in your home or office with an efficient HVAC system. Whether you’ll need to stay warm during winter or cool in summer, we have the smart and reliable technologies to fit your requirements.

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How Do HVACS Work?

An HVAC system requires a combination of components to effectively transfer cool or warm air in targeted spaces. To provide cool air, your compressor will convert the refrigerant into high pressure and high temperature liquid. The converted liquid will then flow through the copper tubing and evaporator coil of your fan coil unit, or duct furnace.

When the refrigerant has already expanded, it will turn into low pressure and low temperature gas. This gas will circulate in your space and absorb heat from the air, so cooler air may be distributed throughout your home or office. Afterwards, the same refrigerant gas will return to the compressor so another cooling cycle may ensue. The same process is also applicable for heating purposes, only this time the temperatures will be set in reverse.

The Green Power Company’s HVAC Solutions

As part of our existing HVAC technologies, we have partnered up with manufacturing giant LG. LG’s air conditioners are highly reliable to provide utmost comfort in your space. Now you can pick from a range of units which allow for quick and stable cooling. You’ll also be glad to find how LG’s HVAC units have much wider operation ranges than most conventional heating and cooling systems.


Split System

LG’s Split Systems has the Plasmaster Autocleaning to minimise the build-up of moulds and bacteria on heat exchanges. Aside from operational efficiency, LG also has smart options so you can take control of your energy consumption and cooling output. You can even access your unit’s functionalities with the Wi-Fi Smart Control.

Ducted Systems

With the simple touch of a button, LG’s Ducted Systems’ refrigerant pressure and temperature has simultaneous responses to ensure a more targeted, efficient performance. They also have anti-corrosive surfaces so your investments will last and stay durable in the long run.

Multi Split

If you need a fast and energy efficient air conditioning system, you’d be glad to know LG has the latest in designs and smart technologies. You also have the option to customise and change the settings of the system’s fan speeds, to suit your temperature needs.

Commercial Split System

LG’s heavy duty, commercial split systems lets you control different spaces all at once. Aside from smart features and efficient options, these units are also available in stylish designs. With their sleek look, they’ll surely fit the interiors of your office.

Commercial Multi Split

These multi-functional units are suitable for cafes, lounges, offices and retailers. They allow for convenient control features, four-stage air purifying systems and auto clean modes to take out moulds and bacteria. They also provide low indoor noise for quiet operations.

Commercial Cassette

Cassette Air Conditioning units provides even air and temperature distribution. These are made possible through low noise motors, high-efficiency turbo fans and improved outlets. LG also has the Group Control Technology to link 16 cassette units together, as they get controlled by just one device.

Commercial Ducted

For a more economical system, you can evenly distribute the cool air you’ll generate with LG’s ducted units. These have wide operation features, with a range   which reaches up to 48° C outdoors for cooling and -15°C outdoors for heating.

LG Multi-V

High rise buildings could use a lot of heating and cooling efficiency throughout the year. LG has a line of Multi-V units which allow for remote control, as adjustments may also be made via the internet. Multi-V also allows to combine up to 12 different units with various heating and cooling options.

Know more about LG’s line of HVAC units today. For design and installation inquiries, call our representatives at 1300 857 813.