How generation performance affected by the tilt and azimuth of the panels

Designing a solar power system properly will impact considerably on the performance of the system. Both tilt and orientation of the solar panels can have a dramatic affect on the solar electricity generation capacity, however, this is not the only important consideration when it comes to designing a solar power system. Other important factors include shading, system configuration and electrical wiring can play an important part in the system generation. If panels are facing different directions, or tilted at different angles, it is highly recommended to use multi power point tracking (MPPT) equipment and electrical configuration. If there are more than two tilt angles and more than 2 azimuths of the solar panels, or shading issues, it is recommended to use micro-inverters.

When installing a solar power system, an accredited solar design must be generated and supplied to the customer. This is a complex practice, and solar designers must have in depth knowledge of the installed equipment. For example, each brand and model of solar panels has its own unique set of electrical characteristics, as to does each different type of inverter. Only a certain amount of solar panels can be configured per string or tracker of the inverter input. If the Voltages or Amps exceed the inverters operating window, then clipping or failure may occur.

Remember, a string of solar panels will be reduce to the lowest performing solar panel. The worst performing solar panel will act as a resistor to the flow of current (unless micro-inverters are used, which allow each panel to operate independently).

Detailed below are some graphs which graphically highlight the impacts of tilt and orientation of solar panels, based on the major capital cities in Australia.

Solar Panel Performance in Melbourne VIC


Solar Panels Performance Melbourne VIC

Solar Panel Performance in Sydney NSW

sydney-1024x510Solar Panels Performance Sydney

Solar Panel Performance in Adelaide, SA

ade-1024x510Solar Panels Performance Adelaide

Solar Panel Performance in Brisbane, QLD

bris-1024x510Solar Panels Performance Brisbane

Solar Panel Performance in Hobart, Tas


Solar Panels Performance Hobart

Solar Panel Performance in Darwin NT

darwin-1024x510Solar Panels Performance Darwin