The Green Power Company gives you expert advice on all aspects of solar power and energy management systems. We understand the importance of using high quality equipment and customized in-depth consultation.

A commercial solar power systems reduces energy running cost, creating greater efficiency, especially for businesses that operate during daytime hours. Commercial solar systems can be bought outright, leased or installed via an energy management contract and can be claimed as a tax benefit. Commercial Solar Power Systems are popular with business owners that understand the financial benefits of a solar power system, generating returns in some cases of over 30% pa.

We provide a cleaner, more affordable alternative to the conventional fossil fuel driven utility scale power supply, currently offered by the utility scale grid network. Our in-depth consultation and evaluation is aimed at designing energy systems that deliver the required energy needs for your business, reducing energy costs and maximizing investment returns, providing clean, localized energy production and greater power security and independence.

Solar Power is the perfect fit for businesses that have available roof space and use electricity during daylight hours. Energy overheads are significantly reduced along with increasing the value of the commercial property and business. Developers and landlords are also becoming increasingly attracted to solar power systems. By installing a commercial solar power system, and selling the electricity to the tenant for a negotiated rate, net returns can be even better than leasing out the building itself. The Green Power Company have the capability to sub-meter solar electricity which is on- sold to the tenants.

A solar power system is a very effective way of reducing energy overheads, increasing the value of your business, creating power security and protecting your business from rising electricity costs.

Commercial solar power is also ideal for business that suffer the effects of blackouts or have instruments or machinery that are reliant on constant power. With the help of a battery bank such as the PowerBlock, commercial hybrid solar power can be the perfect solution for business that have issues with power interruptions. Solar Power can considerable reduce body corporate fees for power usage by running communal lighting and shared power amenities.

A commercial solar power system is also valuable in the ‘Green” credentials of a business. Reducing a company’s carbon footprint can be an important PR exercise, not to mention the environmental benefits.

Green Power Case Studies



The large scale commercialization of solar technologies and reduced manufacturing costs has enabled solar technology to be used as a cost effective way of generating clean and reliable electricity.


The large scale commercialization of solar technologies and reduced manufacturing costs has enabled solar technology to be used as a cost effective way of generating clean and reliable electricity.


The large scale commercialization of solar technologies and reduced manufacturing costs has enabled solar technology to be used as a cost effective way of generating clean and reliable electricity.

Rising retail electricity prices, coupled with environmental concerns and utility issues, has driven a demand for cleaner, cheaper energy and greater power security. Our team of skilled professionals are committed to delivering energy systems to meet your needs, with an emphasis on  quality and longevity.  In addition to clean energy systems, we offer energy efficiency, water systems, lighting solutions, wind power and also providing our customers with technical support, service and maintenance, systems analysis, upgrades, electric vehicle charging services, advanced energy monitoring software and battery storage solutions.

  • Creating clean, renewable electricity.
  • Localizing electricity production, reducing reliance on the main grid and fossil fuel generators.
  • A reduction of air-born pollution and reduced carbon footprint.
  • Increased property value and business worth.
  • Protection from increasing electricity costs.
  • High yielding financial returns for 40+ years.
  • Tax deductions for commercial purposes.
  • Adding ‘Green Credentials’ to your organization and/or business.
  • A reduction of internal building temperatures by absorbing radiant sunlight.
  • Creating greater energy security and power independence.
  • Solar Power can be coupled with battery storage to create uninterrupted power supply (UPS) without the need for grid connection.

For a holistic approach to energy generations, storage and management, GreenPower is a trusted partner for a quality turn-key application.

We believe the demand for our clean energy solutions is based several key value propositions:

  • We reduce energy costs. We design and install quality clean energy solutions that are considerably cheaper than buying electricity from the main grid.
  • We are an experienced energy provider. Our technical platform of trained specialists have a proven record of providing quality installations at competitive prices
  • We only use quality equipment. As official partners of leading global energy manufactures, we have a product range which is second to none.
  • We provide complete solutions. From design, approval, installation and commissioning, we take care of the entire process.

Through our integrated approach, offering clean energy generation and storage solutions, load shifting & Programmable Logic Control (PLC), energy efficiency offerings such as LED lighting and motion sensors and water conservation and solar heating devices, we believe we are well-positioned to drive down energy costs, clean our atmosphere from fuel driven pollution and protect consumers from a monopolized distribution network, all while providing greater energy security and power independence.

GreenPower currently serves thousands of customers with on-going support and are capable of offering energy system upgrades such as the PowerBlock energy storage system, which provides an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), for emergency situations and incremental shortfalls.

Solar Project Commercialization

As fully integrated energy technicians, GreenPower intimately understand the complex world of solar PV and energy storage systems. We conceptualized the project during consultation stage, offering  practical, realistic advice, then design, specify and cost the project based on the requirement of the client. Our team is experienced, qualified and skilled to take on even the most complex energy projects.

After consultation and the acceptance of the quote, we gain all the required approvals and commence installation. Upon commissioning of the system, we explain to you the functionality of the solar energy system and then issue a Certificate of Electrical Safety via an independent electrical inspector. After the system has been approved for its safety, we lodge all required paperwork to your electricity retailer and distributor so you can have your meter re-configured for operational use.

Solar Power for Business

Commercial solar power systems are an ideal couple for most businesses that use power during daylight hours, or require emergency backup power via an energy storage system. Commercial solar is rapidly growing and we expect that most viable businesses over the next 20 years will have a working solar power system providing them with clean cheap and silent solar electricity which minimizes operational costs and adding green credentials to their portfolio.

The Green Power Company tailor solar energy solutions to small and large business, achieving the most cost effective outcomes, using a wide range of solar equipment and design solutions, including energy management systems, to reduce energy overheads for your enterprise.