Pacific GreenPower brings “grass roots” renewable energy solutions to the people of the Pacific.

With over 10 years in project development and installation of renewable energy systems in domestic, industrial and commercial installations, Green Power Company are technical specialists in the provision of quality renewable energy systems.

This technical experience and capabilities will service the entire Fiji population and neighbouring Pacific Island countries.

Our Mission

“Bringing Power to the People” by providing affordable renewable energy solutions to people in remote and rural areas within the Pacific region.  Our purpose is to deliver energy solutions to people, to enrich their lives, by connecting them to the modern world, thus enabling them to improve their standard of living.


Our Vision

  • Create a grass-root movement in renewable energy by bringing low cost power solutions to people in need of energy within the Pacific Region, to enable them to improve their quality of life and standard of living.
  • To be the leading supplier of renewable energy systems throughout the Pacific and surrounding regions.
  • To be seen as the first choice for business tenders and government contracts through our level of commercial professionalism and commitment to the local community.

Core Values

We are a values driven organisation that focuses on delivering:

  • quality
  • reliability
  • value
  • integrity
  • honesty

Key Activities

Be a retail distributor for a range of renewable energy product and systems to the people of the Pacific. These include (but not limited to):

  • Solar energy and storage systems
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Hybrid (wind and solar systems)
  • Cooling systems
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Battery backup systems for power black-outs
  • Wind Turbines

Provide a pool of solar installers who will be trained in our product and installations, who will be able to sell and maintain the product


Directors Message

We have been able to identify a number of challenges, with relation to energy, in Fiji, with the lack of affordable energy solutions and the lack of potential supply of energy, which has led to the wide-scale use of diesel generation, primarily throughout the remote and rural regions of the Pacific, which is costly, noisy and polluting.

Over the recent years, with the advancement of distributed renewable energy supply, this has all changed with the costs of solar systems plummeting from 25 year paybacks to as little as 7-8 years payback.

Furthermore, technology has also now become more robust and more reliable and ever more affordable. Herein lays significant opportunity to supply low cost,  carbon friendly energy solutions using the abundance of natural resources such as solar, and wind to remote and rural communities with low payback periods and improved storage capabilities, using the latest technology that was not available 10-15 years ago, at such an affordable price.

However, in order to undertake installations in a sustainable way, the supplied equipment must be robust enough to handle the challenging conditions of the South Pacific. Our official partnership with world leading brands like, LG, Victron Energy, QCells, Sunpower, Narada, Schneider Electric, Kyocera and many more, allow us to offer global warranties, to allow customers a decent long term reward for their investment, along with peace of mind.


Removing economic disadvantage from Pacific Nations

Developing nations have for many years have financially struggled and have been at an economic disadvantage from big oil and energy companies, who inflate prices and often manipulate supply that leave people with huge cost imposts in their lives and limit their economic development, personal growth and opportunities in their lives. This is more so in the Pacific Islands due to their remoteness, often leading to high poverty levels, poor diets and lack of opportunities forcing “drift” to urban areas, which directly leads to increased crime, substance abuse and violence, as well as break up of families.

At Pacific Green Power we are a social enterprise, who is working hand-in-hand with communities to address this issue. Our solution is to provide solar PV systems; it’s not a unique business idea, it’s been around for 30 years or so, but it’s about the way we do it.  We work on a grass-roots level in often remote or maritime communities to provide the best products installed to AS/NZ standards to supply reliable off-grid energy systems to individual households that are totally scalable, providing a flexible and bespoke solution to all our customers.

We believe that the community involvement is the way to build a strong brand and loyal following, with case studies and testimonials from all our installations.  We believe the individual within the community should be the center of attention not the brand.  If you get the community involved they will speak on our behalf of the brand; we have already seen this in many instances as the coconut wireless and “seeing is believing” is a powerful force within Pacific communities.

Our business model provides the opportunity for every household to have the right of energy independence in the way they can afford and want.  If they cannot afford what they want, then they have an opportunity to scale-up at a later date.  As their energy needs grow, they can keep scaling.  This is our flexible approach.   Thus, they also become independent of the grid, independent of high on-going cost of energy and independent of power outages often faced in developing nations.  We believe that everyone has a right to energy supply, individual empowerment and good health (such as having refrigeration in every household, if they choose).  We also believe that everyone has a right to have individual control of their energy supply, (not controlled or mandated by government authorities or NGOs), hence our flexible and scalable off-grid business model.

Furthermore, we have seen that energy solutions through solar grid arrays, (often offered by NGOs and Governments), will not fit everyone’s needs, as people have different energy demands and these systems can be subject to failure, which will leave whole communities without power, often for days if not weeks, whilst technicians are called out to fix the problem(s).

Our belief is that if you own a solar system individually, that you have paid for (not a Government or NGO handout), you are more likely to take responsibility for it and thus, take care of it.  Should an individual household system fail, it is unlikely to impact other households within the community, so you are reducing the risk of energy failure within it.  Furthermore, being a smaller individual system is easier to fix locally than a large-scale grid array installations.

We also believe that in the future, communities will be able to share the electrical power amongst themselves using smart system technology leading to further independence of the grid and Governments leading to more integrated and self-sufficient communities.

In our case studies and observation from our customers in various locations across Fiji, we have seen people directly benefit from this approach.  With the advent of free energy supply, (once their systems are paid for), people’s lives can dramatically change from something as simple as people having lighting, refrigerators, etc., (leading to safer, healthier and more economical and often happier lives), to developing new business opportunities such as letting people charge their phones for a fee to individuals developing canteens, where they are able to sell frozen goods such as meat, ice blocks etc. This is the power of change this approach can bring to the people.

We are also working with a local university in Fiji to provide a solar installer’s course targeted directly at installers in remote, rural or maritime areas, who can, not only, learn how to install systems to the standards we expect, but also provide an opportunity to earn an income from the installation and maintenance of these systems through training in business management skills.

Our next project endeavour is to develop solar powered boats, using electric motors powered by not only solar panels but also batteries.  If this can be developed in an economic way, it will have a huge impact on the cost of transport of goods and people within maritime communities.  With Fiji having 333 islands of which 200 are inhabited, it could potentially make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Sincerely yours,

Tobi Nagy, Director

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With over 300 tropical islands and abundant rays of sunshine, Fiji is well positioned to be powered by 100% Renewable Energy. The Green Power Company have established commercial headquarters in Suva, via a joint partnership with a Fijian electronics firm, Bure Electronics. Solar experts since 2001, Pacific GreenPower bring the highest quality products and know how  to the South Pacific.

In Fiji, the Greenpower Company’s main services include:

  • Portable Off Grid Systems
  • Solar Off Grids
  • Solar Pumps
  • Solar Farms
  • Battery Storage Systems
  • Hot Water Heat Pumps
  • Split System Cooling Installations

Portable Off Grid Systems

Wherever you may be, you can now have uninterrupted sources of energy in a kit. Choose from our compact Off Grid solutions, so you’ll have supplies of electricity even if you’re not directly connected to the Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA).

Whether you’re travelling in a mobile home, trailer or boat, you can use lightweight Off Grid equipment to ensure smoother and longer rides. Some of the components we can provide are RV-specific panels, a lithium-ion battery and an Australian-made inverter. You can also request for a customized installation from us. We even have the renewable equipment to meet your mobile refrigeration and vending needs.

For more information, ask our specialists today.

Solar Off Grids

This is for Fijian properties which need to have their very own Stand Alone systems. Independently meet your energy requirements, by considering the Green Power Company’s array of solar panels, inverters and batteries.

Are you a home or business owner who needs to be completely free from the volatility of grid-connected expenses? Or perhaps your property is quite far from the FEA. Then we have the solution for you.

Greenpower’s Off Grid installations are useful for space heating or cooling, powering up appliances and hot water among others. We carry out analyses and designs, so we can suggest the panels, inverters and batteries which meet your requirements and capacities. Call our representatives so you can know more about the installation to fit your needs.

Solar Farm/Solar Pumps

Grow crops or tend to your cattle with an effective irrigation system. Our Solar Pumps can be used for landscapes, gardens, drinking reservoirs of livestock, farms and many other agricultural projects. You can also have an Off-Grid Solar Pump if the main water cables are far from your location, or you want a complete water source solution.

A standard Solar Pump installation consists of panels mounted on a single axis solar tracker, controller, pump and battery bank. If your property resides in flood prone areas, we also have the equipment to install UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) Basement Water Pumping Applications. See the level of efficiency you can achieve by contacting our specialists today.

Battery Storage Systems

We have a varied line of battery storage systems, so you can fully maximise the energies you’ll reap.  Our equipment can be installed for multiple applications, and we can also provide deep cycle batteries. Some of the top battery storage systems we can install are Alpha, Life Pro, Power Block, Selectronic, Schneider Electric and Lishen.

Not every unit is the same when it comes to performance, storage size, life cycle and deployment purposes. Hence, it would additionally be best to speak with our specialists, so you will know which set of batteries will fit your energy storage requirements.

Hot Water Heat Pumps

You can significantly save on your water heating expenses with our Heat Pumps. Through our high quality systems you’ll no longer need to spend on gas, as you can choose to generate heat from solar evacuated tubes.

Did you know you can save up to 75% on water heating costs by having a well-chosen heat pump? Instead of allocating a third of your utility budget to heating your water, you’ll no longer need to use conventional electricity boosted hot water      systems. We also have easy-retrofit units to easily replace your existing equipment. To know more about our solutions, get in touch with our specialists today.

Split System Cooling Installations

It would certainly be pleasant to have a comfortable room with well-regulated temperature, especially during the hottest weathers. The Greenpower Company can install cost-saving cooling systems for various applications.

As a multi-awarded expert, we have a team of technicians who can install fan coil systems so you won’t need to find some space for a furnace. We have units which do not need ducts, since their internal fans can already circulate the air for you to have a cosy room. These are also much more affordable than ducted cooling units. Ask our representatives, so you’ll know how a cooling system may fit your space.

Want to know more about how our equipment and services can help you save on gas or electricity?

Then get in touch with us by calling (+679) 803 4039. If you happen to be within the Suva area, we’d be glad to have you over for consultation. Set an appointment with us and let’s meet at Lot 41-42 Pilling Road, Nasinu, Suva, Fiji.