GreenPower Warranty and Quality Guarantee

The Green Power Company use quality equipment from manufacturers with a proven history of performance, product research and development. Manufacturers must display strong financial stability, and a local Australian presence is vital for warranty protection and aftermarket support, along with major project collaborations.

We are official partners of leading global manufacturers and offer full warranty and product support for all equipment supplied and installed. Our 7 year workmanship warranty is consistent with building industry practice, although we design and install our systems to last 25+ years, using only high quality equipment quality components.

‘Warranty and Guarantees are only as strong as the company issuing them’

When researching a prospective manufacturing partner, a history of performance, technical experience and equipment brand recognition is high on the list of priorities.

The Green Power Company core technical expertise dates back to 2001, providing quality design, products and workmanship, with firm product warranty and workmanship guarantees. Our company maintains a high standard of workmanship, strengthened by the General Manager’s long experience as a certified solar technician, holding a Registered Electrical Contractors License.

GreenPower Workmanship Warranty

The Green Power Company was founded and managed by licensed technician, Pat Gangemi, and support by brothers Daniel and Lou, both qualified in Electrical Plumbing Services. This technical background gives us enormous strength when it comes to quality control, especially for complex and diversified project works. Consistent with building industry guidelines, GreenPower offer a 7 year installation and workmanship warranty, as well as after market support, service and maintenance.

Equipment Performance & Manufacturers Warranty

Each manufacturer offer different performance and equipment warranties, and it is the strength of the Brands that should be focused upon.  As distributors of these quality brands, The Green Power Company honor all manufacturer warranties, and streamline all claims to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Guarantee

Greenpowerco employee a full time service technician, offering aftermarket system maintenance and servicing, technical support and system performance monitoring, to ensure your installed technology performs as designed.