Solar Hydronic Smart Home Energy System

We are witnessing the commercialisation of numerous technologies, enabling residential homes to create power independence.

We are also seeing a greater appetite for reduced power costs, renewable fuels, power independence and healthier, smarter living technologies.

Our R&D program is focused on smart home energy and control technology, using solar energy to power all aspects, including hydronic heating and cooling of the average home.

Our technology aims eliminates the requirement for a distributed electricity network and utility gas supply, creating complete household power independence.

The main focal points is the performance and operation of the system in relation to external climatic conditions, internal ambiance and power consumption, using a range of integrated equipment which are working collectively with smart control technology. We aim to generate enough power to sustain an underfloor hydronic heating system using renewable resources in an off grid application.

Smart Home Research and Development Program

Using integrated smart home technology systems, and custom designed programmable logic controls allows utilisation of solar energy when available, especially for embedded heating systems.

Our Solar Hydronic Smart Home Energy test facility, aims to provide data to enable renewable energy power independence, focusing on the challenging aspect of heating with solar power in winter.

Our test facility includes the following equipment:

  • 4.48kWp Solar PV System 16 x Canadian Solar 280W panels
  • 5kWp Sunpower P19 Solar Power System
  • Fronius Primo 6kWp Grid Tied inverter
  • Victron 5kW Multiplus Battery Control System
  • BYD BBox 5kWh Lithium Battery System
  • Victron Color Control Monitoring System
  • Fronius solar web monitoring system
  • Nest Thermostat Learning system for hydronic controls
  • Fluke 1730 Energy Logger, energy monitor on time stamp
  • Custom made Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system for thermal monitoring on time stamp
  • Tivok 4kW Air to Water Heat Pump
  • Siddons 2kW Air to Water Heat Pump
  • Grundfos water circulation pumps
  • Smartheat 100L buffer tank
  • Solar Evacuated Tube Array
  • Underfloor hydronic panel test bed
  • 2 types of floor covering, tile and engineered floor boards
  • Manually controlled hydronic manifold
  • Bio Fuel boiler for boosting
Smart Home Research and Development Program

Future adaptations which are current being researched, to increase efficiency include:

  • Phase Change material
  • Geo-Thermal Systems
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
  • Solar mining equipment – Blockchain Technology
  • Power Ledger Technology

The results were logged on multiple software platforms compared to the simulation data based on the LoopCAD design software.

LoopCAD is a radiant heating software used for drawings of radiant heating systems and calculations of heating (or cooling) loads, hydronic calculations as well as 3D CAD views.  The Green Power Company use LoopCad for a majority of hydronic heating system designs.