The Case for Stand Alone Smart Home Technology

For the last decade, Government initiatives have specifically enabled the large scale growth of renewable energy in the form of residential solar PV systems and we are now seeing organic growth in energy storage systems, such as lithium battery banks and portable bi-directional electric vehicles.

We are also witnessing further developments in solar hydrogen fuel cell and storage technologies. Coupled with greater efficiencies in design and home appliance utilisation, we are quickly moving toward a future where the residential electrical grid network may become optional for many households.

The option of suburban residential power independence is becoming a reality, and the ramifications could be huge for the sustainability of the entire residential electrical grid. It is worth noting that power generation forms a fraction of the ultimate consumer power costs (around 15%), while the network infrastructure contributes around 60% and retailer costs the remainder. This technology will change the energy landscape.

Off Grid Hydronic Heating

Significant savings can be made if energy was generated at the point of utilisation, eliminating the need for the residential distributed network. An off grid solar hydronic home controlled by smart PLC systems will generally utilize solar PV and battery storage, solar evacuated tubes, thermal storage tanks, heat pumps, underfloor hydronic panels and a fuel boiler for boosting.

Boosting can also be achieved with more exotic technologies such as solar hydrogen and fuel cell technology, renewable fuel boilers, bio gas and geo thermal, which are all capable of creating localized generation.

We are witnessing a migration of peoples (mostly retirees) opting to leave the city to build new residences on rural properties, which do not have access to the electric grid network, nor piped natural gas. These customers are searching for renewable energy independence for off grid living, while not sacrificing any of their normal comforts.

Off Grid Hydronic Heating